If the engine's temperature is shooting off the scale, you should take a look at your Isuzu Rodeo water pump for damage. Powered by a belt, the water pump streams coolant through centrifugal force within the engine compartment for maximum cooling results. On a really hot day or when trapped in heavy traffic, your car may get too hot instantly and the cabin may not be cooled properly.

You'll know your Isuzu Rodeo water pump is about to break if you hear that unmistakable squeak that tells you it is scheduled for maintenance and repair. The weep hole of the pump is fitted with a gasket, so once it's busted, coolant will drip. Once the water pump's bearing, pulley, or the whole unit conks out, you'd better avoid driving your automobile till the busted part is restored (unless you want to allow the engine to get too hot). To prevent the engine from heating up, it is advisable that you repair the broken seal of your pump or change the whole unit for your own benefit. To enjoy hassle-free installation and high functionality, get a top-quality aftermarket pump that's specifically built for your automobile's cooling system.

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