It is pretty much cool driving around a perfectly conditioned Hyundai vehicle, isn't it? You've got no worries of having an overheating car since your Hyundai is equipped with a dependable cooling system. So make sure that everything in the cooling system especially the water pump is fully functional to continue having that cool ride.

The cooling system of your Hyundai car is responsible for removing the heat from the engine. It is composed of various parts that include the Hyundai water pump. The water pump is the device that causes the liquid or the coolant to circulate through the cooling system. It does its job by pumping the coolant from the engine water jackets where the water is cooled. The pumped coolant is delivered to the radiator to exchange its heat. The Hyundai water pump is usually located in front of the engine and is driven by a V-belt or serpentine belt, and sometimes a timing belt.

The water pump makes use of centrifugal force to deliver the coolant to the radiator. The returning fluid from the radiator passes through the inlet located near the center of the pump so that this fluid will hit the pump vanes. Consequently, the pump vanes send the fluid to the outside of the pump from which it can enter the engine. The outer side of the Hyundai water pump has a pulley mounted on the shaft while in the inner side there is a seal that prevents the leakage of the coolant. If this process in the cooling system is efficiently maintained, probably you'll have least problem in overheating.

However, just like any other car parts your Hyundai water pump will eventually fail. If the impeller of your Hyundai water pump shuts off no circulation of the coolant will occur and will cause engine overheating. Another serious problem that involves the water pump is the coolant leaks which can drain the cooling system. Other typical water pump problems include annoying noise due to defective bearings, warped heads and blown gaskets.

Spare your Hyundai from serious engine damage by replacing its defective water pump. Usually, if the water pump is driven by a timing belt replacement of both is being done at the same time. Do not settle for less but always go for the best Hyundai water pump offered by Parts Train. Simply browse our online catalog parts list, pick out your choice and order it through our user-friendly ordering system.