If you've got a Honda water-cooled engine, definitely it includes a Honda water pump. A Honda water pump that is also called a coolant pump is an essential part of your car's cooling system. Water pump helps remove heat form the engine since it cause the liquid to circulate by pumping it from the engine water jackets to the radiator. It is usually located at the front of the engine and is driven by a belt from a pulley on the front end of the crankshaft.

The Honda water pump moves the antifreeze or the engine coolant to a hollow area called the water jacket where the water is admitted for cooling. From the cylinder block and the cylinder head where the water jacket can be found, the engine coolant ends up into the radiator where it cools further by circulating through a series of water channels, which are exposed to air ducts. This mechanism helps in removing the excessive heat from the engine. The V-belt, the serpentine belt or sometimes the timing belt are the devices that drives a Honda water pump.

Like any other water pump, a Honda water pump usually fails in one of two ways: either the bearing for the pulley breaks down, or the gasket or seal behind the water pump begins to leak. Bearing failure and seal failure often fail at the same time since if the seal leaks; the coolant will damage the bearing. Some manifestations of a defective Honda water pump include engine coolant leaks, noisy due to defective bearing and damaged or corroded impeller.

A defective Honda water pump will hinder the flow of the engine coolant to the radiator and no cooling from the radiator means engine overheating. Once your engine overheats, it will lead to warped cylinder heads, blown head gaskets or seals and a premature wear and tear is likely to happen. Save yourself from further loss due to a bad water pump by replacing it with a brand new unit. Remember that you've got a Honda in which the Honda water pump is buried beneath the timing cover. This means that if you neglect a defective Honda water pump, you will end up replacing all the parts within like the timing belt and the timing cover.

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