Do not let that engine over heating get over your head otherwise; it will drive you crazy making the rest of your day in total dismay. This is not an exaggeration folks! It is neither funny to pull over your Geo from being stuck in the middle of a freeway because you just have to stop the smoke from blinding your sight. Blame this to your Geo water pump.

The overheating of your Geo can be due to a bad Geo water pump. The Geo water pump is an important part of the engine's cooling system. It is the part that provides circulation of the coolant or the antifreeze throughout the cooling system. The Geo water pump is a centrifugal pump driven by a belt and is connected to the crankshaft of the engine. The belts that usually drive the Geo water pump to function are the V-belt or serpentine belts and in some cases driven by a timing belt. The water pump causes the coolant to move through the water jackets in the engine cylinder block and cylinder head then out to the radiator.

In the process, the Geo water pump helps remove the excessive heat produced by the engine in which the hot coolant passes through the radiator where it cools down returns back to the engine. The water pump has housing with a shaft that rotates on the bearing that is pressed inside.

If the Geo water pump is not properly functioning, the antifreeze or the engine coolant is not delivered to the radiator to exchange its heat causing an engine overheating. Some typical water pump problems are coolant leaks, noise from a defective bearing, and damaged or corroded impeller. Repeated overheating of your Geo engine is the final sign of a Geo water pump. Defective Geo water pump that causes overheating may lead to further damages such as warped heads and blown head gaskets.

The best way to spare your pocket from shelling out hundred, if not thousands of dollars is to be able to determine at the earliest stage of water pump failure. Pressure test can be done to determine if there is a leak in your Geo water pump. Once a leak had been traced in your Geo water pump then the best way to do is to replace it. And the best place to buy your Geo water pump replacement is from Parts Train.