Ford Five Hundred Water Pump

When engine temperature is going beyond acceptable level, you've got to inspect your Ford Five Hundred water pump for rough spots. Operated via a belt, the water pump circulates coolant through centrifugal force within the engine bay for maximum cooling efficiency. Whenever there's insufficient air getting inside the grille, your vehicle will most likely get too hot and the cabin will not be properly ventilated.

A high-pitched noise is usually your hint to a broken Ford Five Hundred water pump that must be serviced. The weep hole of the water pump is fitted with a gasket, that is why if this seal is loose, coolant will surely drip. When the pump's bearing, pulley, or the pump itself conks out, you must stay away from taking your car out for a spin till the busted part is fixed (unless you want to risk engine overheating). To prevent the automotive engine from getting too hot, it is advisable that you repair the broken water pump gasket or replace the pump itself for your own safety. You'd better look for a heavy-duty stock replacement that's uniquely tailored for your car's cooling assembly for perfect fit and great performance.

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