Your Dodge Avenger water pump may already be defective-you need to confirm to solve the issue in no time and protect your car engine from heating up. Driven by a belt, the water pump moves coolant using centrifugal force around the engine block for utmost cooling efficiency. On a really hot day or when trapped in crazy traffic, your vehicle may heat up instantly and the passenger compartment may not be cooled adequately.

You know your Dodge Avenger water pump is about to break if you hear that unmistakable squeaking sound, which means it needs maintenance and repair. The weep hole of the water pump is sealed using a gasket, that's why once this is torn, coolant will drip. When the water pump's bearing, pulley, or the pump itself conks out, you'd better avoid driving your car until it is restored (unless you it's all right for you to allow the engine to overheat). To prevent the engine from getting too hot, it is advisable that you restore the broken gasket of your pump or change the entire unit for your own benefit. To ensure fast and easy installation and excellent overall performance, get a first-class replacement pump that is custom made for your vehicle's cooling system.

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