Keeping your vehicle in tip top condition need not be a burden. Just think that with all your investments on customization, cleaning, repairs, parts replacement, routine checkups or tune ups and other activities, you can keep yourself free from problems, troubles, hassles, and most of all, from accidents every time you engage in driving. Otherwise, expect to put your vehicle at risk, pay high cost of extensive repairs, and worst, putting your life in danger. Nevertheless, automotive problems will come sooner or later.

One of the most common problems encountered by car owners and drivers is a vehicle overheating situation. Overheating happens when the cooling system failed to serve its function properly. The cooling system is the one responsible for removing the excess heat from the engine, for keeping the engine to operate at its most efficient temperature, or for getting the engine up to the correct temperature right after it starts to operate. In short, it is the one that regulates the rising temperature of the engine once it starts to operate by circulating the coolant through the vehicle's engine block and out to the radiator once the engine reaches its operating temperature, thus prevents the engine from overheating.

Some of the vital components of the cooling system that you should regularly inspect are the bypass hose, engine block, expansion tank, fan clutch, fan pulley, fan, heater core, heater return hose and supply hose, heater or AC blower motor, hose clamp, upper and lower radiator hose, radiator and its cap, thermostat housing and the water pump. Of these components, the water pump like the Dodge water pump plays a very crucial role. It is a mechanical or electrical device responsible for circulating or pumping the water or coolant all over the cooling system.

Water pumps come in various designs but usually, it features a rotating impeller to force the coolant through the engine block. In addition, most rear-wheel drive vehicles have their cooling fans mounted at the end of the water pump shaft. Water pumps are typically equipped with spring-loaded seal to thwart the leakage of water or coolant around the shaft, while modern water pumps feature pre-packed bearings, which are sealed on both ends to do away with the lubrication job. In order for the water pump to function properly, it must be capable of displaying high-flow design that is less prone to cavitation. Moreover, quality made water pumps require lesser power to operate, thus, help in preserving the life of the engine.

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