If engine temp is climbing off the scale, you must take a look at your Chrysler Neon water pump for rough spots. Powered by a belt, the water pump streams coolant through centrifugal force within the engine compartment for utmost cooling effects. On a really hot day or when caught up in crazy traffic, your ride may heat up instantly and the passenger compartment may not be aired out properly.

You'll know your Chrysler Neon water pump is about to break once you notice that characteristic squeaking sound that says it demands repair and maintenance. Coolant may escape straight from the water pump's weep hole when the gasket is definitely torn. When the water pump's gasket, bearing,, or the entire unit conks out, you should refrain from taking your car out for a spin till the busted part is fixed (unless you want to risk engine overheating). To prevent the automotive engine from getting too hot, it is highly recommended that you restore the broken pump gasket or change the whole unit for your own sake. To enjoy fast and easy setup and great functionality, get a top-quality replacement pump that's custom made for your car's cooling system.

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