Your Chevrolet Cavalier water pump may already be flawed-you need to confirm to fix the trouble in no time and prevent your automotive engine from heating up. Operated via a belt, the water pump distributes coolant using centrifugal force within the engine compartment for utmost cooling efficiency. On a really hot day or when trapped in crazy traffic, your ride may heat up easily and the cabin may not be aired out accordingly.

A high-pitched noise is normally your hint to a busted Chevrolet Cavalier water pump that must be upgraded. The pump's weep hole is sealed by a gasket, that's why when this is torn, coolant will definitely leak out. Once the water pump's gasket, pulley, or the pump itself conks out, you should stay away from driving your car before this is fixed (unless you want to allow the engine to overheat). To prevent the car engine from getting too hot, it is highly advised that you fix the torn pump gasket or change the pump itself for your own convenience. For hassle-free fitting and great performance, choose a trusty OE replacement that is specifically built for your car's engine cooling assembly.

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