Normally, most internal combustion engine used in automobiles are made to consume fuel throughout the combustion process. In the process, the engine is also made to reach a certain standard combustion temperature which is a proof that it is already burning the fuel to its fullest. Burning the fuel is made to generate mechanical energy which feeds the mechanical devices in the car. This standard combustion temperature however is necessary but dangerous to the engine. How the engine is able to escape that temperature every other day without overheating is because of the cooling system.

The cooling system is a set of cooling devices which uses cooling elements such as water, air and antifreeze called the coolant just to refresh the engine and prevent it from overheating. The cooling system is capable of resisting the heat of the engine since it is also situated near the engine bay by consistently working on their functions and distributing the cooling elements to the area. One important part which comprises the engine is your Cadillac Seville water pump. The Cadillac Seville water pump plays an important role in the distribution of the coolant to the engine. It is usually located at the front of the engine and is driven by the V-belt.

The process begins this way; near the cylinder block and head is where the engine water jacket is installed. Your Cadillac Seville water pump enables the antifreeze to travel from the engine water jacket to the radiator. The engine water jacket and the radiator works by processing the water and the antifreeze before they are finally admitted to the engine chambers. And that is only possible with the Cadillac Seville water pump pumping the water off. Most modern cars have their water pump running whenever the vehicle is also running. And they are able to contribute to the engine cooling by drawing out the coolant from the water jackets in the cylinder head and block. The antifreeze or coolant that was pumped will now travel to the radiator where it normally cools it and is sent back to the engine chamber.

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