In the event that engine temperature is climbing beyond acceptable level, you should take a look at your Buick Special water pump for problems. The water pump is operated using a belt and relies on centrifugal force in order to distribute coolant throughout the chamber to help keep the car engine cool. On a truly hot day or when caught up in crazy traffic, your car may get too hot in no time and the interior may not be cooled adequately.

You will know your Buick Special water pump is about to break when you notice that distinctive squeaking sound, which means it requires maintenance and repair. The pump's weep hole is sealed by a gasket, so when it's torn, coolant will leak out. When the pump's gasket, bearing,, or the pump itself acts up, you must avoid driving your vehicle till the busted part is fixed (unless you it's all right for you to risk engine overheating). To prevent the engine from getting too hot, it's highly advised that you restore the busted pump gasket or change the pump itself for your own benefit. You'd better look for a trusty OE replacement that's specifically designed for your car's engine cooling system for custom fit and highly reliable functionality.

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