It's summer again and time to go on road trips. But because summer time is always synonymous to heat, not only us humans experience it but also our automobiles. Vehicles, including your Buick are exposed to heat most of the time so if you do not have a fully functioning cooling system your chance of overheating is high. In the old days, cooling systems consist of radiators that simply removes heat through convection. As automotive technology progresses, fans were added to enhance heat removal. These days, cooling systems have water pumps that propel water to the cooling system to facilitate better heat reduction.

The coolant or anti-freeze, basically, enters the engine through the engine block and the cylinder. As the coolant passes through the engine it absorbs the heat carries it to the radiator where it is removed. As soon as the coolant is cold again it will go back to the engine and repeat the process again. If your Buick water pump has worn out, you can expect to experience an overheated engine anytime. It is, thus, important that you keep you water pump in top condition all the time.

The most common cause of a malfunctioning water pump is faulty seal. When the seal deteriorates from excessive heat and exposure to harmful chemicals the pump will experience difficulties in absorbing and removing heat. In addition, when the belt that drives the pump is damaged, a malfunctioning water pump can also be experienced. But oftentimes, even though you have exercised proper care to your water pump it may still fail on you due to normal wear and tear from years of faithful service.

As soon as you experience repetitive overheating, secure a replacement right away. Other signs of a failing water pump include sporadic rise and fall of engine temperature and light scent of the coolant every time you drive your Buick. Take note that putting off replacement can only cause you greater engine damage and costly repair bills. So, get moving and find a replacement as soon as possible. If you are not experienced enough to the replacement yourself, let your trusted mechanic to the job for you. This way you are sure that the new water pump will function properly.

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