During the combustion process, the engine produces heat that's essential for the functioning of the other car parts. However excessive heat is not good for the car's overall performance; it will ultimately result to overheating problems. Regulation of heat is accomplished through the cooling system installed in the car. The cooling system prevents the engine from over-heating by transmitting the engine-generated heat into the air.

In order to do its job properly, the cooling system has been integrated with essential parts including the water pump. Cars usually feature a simple centrifugal pump that is moves by means of a belt that's joined to the crankshaft of the engine. This kind of pump draws fluid from the bottom of the radiator and by through pressure circulates it through the engine going to the radiator. As long as the engine is turned on, this process is repeated over and over.

The water pump itself has internal components — inlet, pump vanes and outlet that are very essential in the efficient circulation of fluid or coolant in the radiator and engine. Each time the water reaches the pump vanes it is flung back into the outlet. In each sequence pressure is applied by the water pump. When the water or fluid enters the inlet it is only subjected to slight pressure but once it hits the outlet it undergoes great amount of pressure. This pressure comes from the other elements of the cooling system like the thermostat, heater control valves and radiator cap.

Because of continual use, the water pump is also very much prone to deterioration. Neglect of this part usually happens that's why you will usually see vehicles parked along the road's shoulder with smoke billowing out from the hood. There are usually some tell-take signs that the car's water pump is ready to give up. Loud noise coming from the engine is one sign. And if you conduct a visual inspection you will see some coolant leaks on the water pump or on the surrounding area of the engine. Once these symptoms are displayed the best thing for you to do would be to replace the pump.

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