The windshield of your sweet Saab is kept nice and clean with a specific formula that's retained within the washer reservoir. The substance coming from the Saab washer reservoir is squirted to the glass so that the blades can conveniently eradicate dirt.

When the washer reservoir breaks, expect to see the fluid to leak out, which could then result in a lot more issues; so well before it becomes worse, fix the broken tank. There are lots of restore kits on the market that will safely and effectively patch up small-scale cracks or rips but if somehow the crack is way too major, you need to get a new washer reservoir for your Saab at once. 5. Resist driving during awful weather if the Saab doesn't actually have a functional tank because there might not be enough washing liquid to fully strip away humidity or debris, barring your actual view of the path in the process. For quick access to Saab washer reservoirs that'll suit your car properly, have a look at our fully equipped item list.

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