In the event that the washer assembly of your Volvo V70 does not squirt water on the wind shield or head light lenses in spite of the fact that there's still some fluid in the container, the trouble could be with your washer pump. Your Volvo V70 washer pump may be faltering to supply enough force to drive the liquid into the nozzle and in to the windshield or head light surface area.

If you detect an issue similar to that which is described previously, examine the washer pump to see if it's the culprit behind the condition. Apart from the washer pump in your Volvo V70, another possible reason is the pipe; this may have developed leakages over time of operation. One other possibility apart from a defective Volvo V70 washer pump would be blockage somewhere in the system, so inspect the lines for any dirt build-up. In case the trouble is connected to the pump, select a replacement among the offered washer pumps at present.

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