It's best not to proceed with that long road trip'til you've removed your faulty Volvo S80 washer pump to ensure you're absolutely safe on the highway. You'll surely have a hard time thoroughly getting rid of corrosive bug guts, road dirt, and pebbles on the glass when you keep on driving with a bad pump. Never worry because working on the failing pump is doable as long as you have enough DIY background.

Your factory-installed washer pump is probably positioned on the water tank, so search for it and inspect its present condition. This pump pushes a cleaning detergent into the vehicle's windshield washers to thoroughly clean the windshield while you're traveling. As with other parts of your treasured Volvo S80, this pump gets lots of damage after some time until it stops working. Since you're replacing the pump, you may also like to change other components, say, the Volvo S80 water tank, even the motor.

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