Your windshield wipers are pretty much ineffective if you've got a damaged Toyota Rav4 washer pump, therefore do not operate your vehicle until you've upgraded the unit. You will surely have a hard time wiping away acidic bug splatters, dirt, and pebbles on the glass if you keep on driving with a poor pump. For ideal outcomes, review your Toyota Rav4's manual regarding specs prior to doing any replacement procedure.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most likely mounted on the side of the water tank, thus, search for it and examine its condition. This particular pump channels a cleaning detergent into the windshield washer system to completely cleanse your windshield while you're driving. There's considerable likelihood your Toyota Rav4 washer pump has already stopped operating properly if you have been using it for years. Fortunately, you can always swap it with an aftermarket part which should work effectively in your precious Toyota Rav4.

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