In case the auto washer of your Toyota Matrix doesn't spew fluid on your windshield or headlamp covering although there's available fluid in the reservoir, the problem might be with your washer pump. Your Toyota Matrix washer pump may be faltering to offer sufficient push to bring the fluid towards the nozzle and into the windshield or head light surface.

Anytime you detect an issue similar to that which is pointed out above, check the washer pump to find whether it is the reason behind the trouble. In addition to the washer pump in your Toyota Matrix, one more probable offender is the hose; it might have accumulated seeps after many years of functioning. Additionally, do not neglect to look for any possibility of clogs in the Toyota Matrix washer pump or in some other components of the assembly. Then again, should you find that the component is the item that is defective, you need to find similar washer pumps and choose a superior component.

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