Keeping your car's windshield spotless will require a fully functional washer pump, a component that releases cleaning liquid onto the car wipers to completely get rid of dirt, fog, and stubborn gunk. Since the Saab 9000 washer effectively keeps your view of the road crystal clear, this subcomponent should be fixed or replaced when it displays tell-tale signs of old age or wear and tear.

One possible tell-tale sign of a busted washer pump is if the cleaning fluid doesn't flow out properly, although this problem can also be due to a defective washer hose or windshield washer reservoir. Once you take a good look at your Saab 9000 washer pump and you actually see that the washer nozzle is damaged or the pump is cracked, then you have figured out the main reason. A clogged or blocked pump nozzle could be conveniently cleaned but if the actual pump is completely broken, you need to buy a new one.

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