In case the washer in your Pontiac Solstice doesn't spew fluid on your windscreen or headlamp lenses despite the fact that there is still some water in the reservoir, the issue might be with the washer pump. Built to propel the fluid on the way to the nozzle for application into the surface area of the windshield or headlamp, the Pontiac Solstice washer pump may result in liquid scarcity if it doesn't produce the correct amount of push.

Know that the washer pump is the primary part to inspect anytime problems similar to this arise. In addition to the washer pump in your Pontiac Solstice, one other probable reason is the hose; it might have developed seeps after several years of functioning. You also have to check for any probability of clogs in the Pontiac Solstice washer pump or in many other devices in the system. However, if the issue is associated with the pump, choose an alternative amongst the offered washer pumps today.

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