The washer system in your Pontiac Lemans is made up of different components that can stop functioning at any time, but the most probable culprit once you come across inability to squirt fluid would be the washer pump. Your Pontiac Lemans washer pump might be unable to supply enough pressure to drive the fluid to the nozzle in the washer and towards the windshield or headlight surface area.

Know that the washer pump is the initial part to inspect anytime troubles like this occur. In addition to the washer pump in your Pontiac Lemans, another possible root cause is the hose; it may have suffered from leaks after many years of operation. Additionally, do not forget to check for any possibility of clogs in your Pontiac Lemans washer pump or in many other parts of the assembly. Nonetheless, in case you figure out that the pump is the device which is damaged, you ought to look for other washer pumps and select a good replacement.

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