You are going to see that the windshield washer of your Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser is comprised of different devices that can crash at any time, though the most probable reason whenever you come across inability to spray fluid might be a washer pump. Your Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser washer pump might be faltering to provide adequate push to get the fluid towards the washer nozzle and towards the wind screen or headlight surface area.

When you observe an issue akin to that which is mentioned above, inspect the washer pump to discover whether it is the culprit causing the condition. If the washer pump in your Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser is in excellent shape, then you may wish to inspect alternative pieces like the pipe - this might be suffering from leaks and failing to distribute sufficient liquid. You also need to search for the probability of clogs in the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser washer pump or in some other components in the assembly. However, if you determine that the said part is the item that is affected, you should locate alternative washer pumps and choose a superior replacement.

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