Best not continue on that long fishing trip'til you've removed your busted Mitsubishi Eclipse washer pump to ensure you're absolutely safe when you're driving. You will surely have a tough time completely wiping away bug guts, road dirt, and tiny rocks on the glass should you keep on using a bad pump. Do not worry'cause working on the haywire pump is doable so long as you've got sufficient DIY background.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most likely mounted on the tank, so look for it and inspect its condition. It is the pump's task to draw in the solution from your tank into your windshield washers, therefore, it's definitely an essential part. There's a big possibility your Mitsubishi Eclipse washer pump has recently stopped operating properly if you have been traveling with the factory unit for many years. Remember though that you could swap it with an aftermarket unit that will work perfectly in your Mitsubishi Eclipse vehicle.

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