Your wipers are pretty much ineffective if you have a malfunctioning Mercury Marauder washer pump, thus do not drive your car until you've replaced the unit. You'll surely have a difficult time thoroughly removing bug guts, road dirt, and tiny pebbles on your windshield if you insist upon using a poor pump. Do not worry'cause changing the bad pump is doable so long as you have ample DIY knowhow.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most likely mounted on the side of your water tank, so find it and examine its condition. This pump channels a cleaning detergent into the windshield washer system to thoroughly clean your windshield without damaging it. There's a big chance your Mercury Marauder washer pump has recently ceased functioning if you have been using it for years. Since you're changing the pump, you might also wish to replace other related components like the Mercury Marauder tank and the motor.

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