In case the washer of your Mazda Protege is not able to spew water on the windscreen or headlight lens even if there is available liquid on the reservoir, the trouble might be with your washer pump. Engineered to drive the liquid toward the washer nozzle for spraying onto the exterior of the windscreen or headlamp, the Mazda Protege washer pump may result in water scarcity in case the component fails to crank out the right level of force.

Know that the washer pump is the primary part to check whenever troubles similar to this occur. When the washer pump in your Mazda Protege is in fine state, then you might need to check similar parts like the line - this might be leaking and not distributing adequate liquid. An additional possibility besides a broken Mazda Protege washer pump will be blockage in the assembly, so check the lines for possible dirt accumulation. However, in case you find that the component is the one that's damaged, you need to find alternative washer pumps and choose a great component.

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