In case the washer of your Lexus Rx300 does not squirt water on the windshield or headlamp lens although there's available fluid on the container, the trouble could be with your washer pump. Your Lexus Rx300 washer pump may be faltering to supply adequate pressure to get the fluid towards the nozzle and towards the windshield or headlamp surface.

The washer pump is the initial device to inspect whenever troubles similar to this happen. When the washer pump in your Lexus Rx300 is in fine shape, then you might want to examine similar pieces like the line - this might be dripping and failing to circulate enough liquid. Remember as well to look for the possibility of clogging in the Lexus Rx300 washer pump or in some other components in the assembly. If, on the other hand, the trouble is connected to the said part, choose an alternative among the available washer pumps right now.

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