Your windshield wipers are virtually worthless if you've got a broken Hyundai Sonata washer pump, thus do not use your car until you've replaced the part. Your windshield may get seriously ruined by the various road debris that will fly toward it on the road. Do not worry for working on the bad pump is easy so long as you have enough DIY background.

Your factory-installed washer pump is probably positioned on the water tank, thus, search for it and observe its current condition. It's the pump's task to suck the windshield solution from the tankand into the automobile's washers, therefore, it's definitely a vital component. There's a good possibility your Hyundai Sonata washer pump has already stopped operating properly when you've been driving with the factory unit for many years. As you're changing the pump, you might also like to change other related components like the Hyundai Sonata solution tank, even the motor.

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