Best not go on that lengthy journey'til you've changed your broken Honda Passport washer pump to make certain you're totally safe on the highway. You'll surely have a tough time thoroughly getting rid of acidic bug splatters, road dirt, and tiny pebbles on the windshield should you keep on using a defective pump. For ideal results, refer to your Honda Passport's manual regarding specifications before performing any replacement.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most probably located at the side of the water tank, therefore, search for it and examine its current condition. It is the pump's task to suck the solution from your tank into the windshield washers, so it's definitely a crucial unit. There's a big likelihood your Honda Passport washer pump has already stopped working if you've been driving with it for several years. Since you are replacing the pump, you may also want to replace other essential parts, say, the Honda Passport tank and the motor.

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