If the washer unit of your Honda Element fails to spray water on the wind shield or headlamp lenses although there is still some water on the container, the problem could be with a washer pump. Your Honda Element washer pump may be unable to give sufficient force to drive the water towards the nozzle and towards the windscreen or headlight exterior.

Anytime you notice a concern akin to the one described previously, check the washer pump to discover whether it is the offender behind the problem. In case the washer pump in your Honda Element is in good shape, then you may want to inspect alternative pieces like the hose - this could be suffering from leakage and failing to circulate adequate water. You also have to look for any probability of blockage in the Honda Element washer pump or in many other devices of the system. However, if the problem is associated with the mentioned component, pick a new one amongst the supplied washer pumps right now.

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