Your wipers are pretty much worthless if you have a malfunctioning Geo Prizm washer pump, thus do not use your car until you've replaced the unit. You'll definitely have a hard time thoroughly removing corrosive bug guts, road dirt, and tiny pebbles on the windshield should you keep on driving with a defective pump. For perfect results, refer to your Geo Prizm vehicle's instruction manual regarding specs before doing any replacement process.

There are several possible reasons why your washers aren't squirting wiper solution and definitely one of them is a flawed washer Pump. It is the pump's job to draw in the chemical out the tank into your windshield washers, so it's definitely a crucial unit. There's considerable chance your Geo Prizm washer pump has recently stopped working if you've been using it for many years. Good thing you may always swap it with a new pump which should work effectively in your precious Geo Prizm.

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