The windshield washer of your Ford Fusion is made up of numerous parts which can collapse without warning, but the most possible culprit whenever you experience inability to sprinkle liquid might be a washer pump. Engineered to push the fluid on to the nozzle in the washer for squirting into the exterior of the windshield or front lamps, the Ford Fusion washer pump can result in liquid shortage when it isn't able to crank out the appropriate amount of pressure.

If you notice a problem similar to that which is mentioned above, check the washer pump to see whether it is the offender causing the condition. When the washer pump in your Ford Fusion is in fine state, then you may need to examine similar components similar to the pipe - it could be suffering from leaks and not circulating enough water. One other probability along with a broken Ford Fusion washer pump would be blockage within the washer, so check the pipes for likely grime build-up. If, on the other hand, the problem is associated with the mentioned component, pick an alternative from the available washer pumps today.

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