Keeping your Chevrolet C30's windshield spotless requires a fully functional washer pump, a component that squirts a cleaning solution onto the wipers to effectively remove dirt particles, water, and stubborn gunk. Since the Chevrolet C30 washer helps in keeping your view of the path very clear, this component must be attended to when it displays indications of deterioration or wear and tear.

One symptom of a broken washer pump is if the cleaning solution doesn't really spurt out properly, although this can actually also be due to a poorly functioning washer hose or windshield washer reservoir. If you're tinkering with a sputtering cleaning liquid flow, fully examine your Chevrolet C30 washer pump and better search for holes or a busted or damaged nozzle. A clogged or blocked washer pump nozzle could be easily cleaned but if the washer pump of your Chevrolet C30 is completely broken, you need to replace it.

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