Those windshield wipers are pretty much worthless if you have a broken Cadillac Xlr washer pump, therefore don't operate your car until you've changed the unit. You will surely have a hard time removing corrosive bug guts, road dirt, and tiny rocks on the glass should you keep on traveling with a defective pump. Don't worry'cause working on the bad pump is doable as long as you have enough DIY knowhow.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most probably located at the side of the water tank, thus, search for it and inspect its current condition. It's the pump's task to draw in the chemical from your tankand into the windshield washers, therefore, it's definitely a crucial unit. Like all devices in your precious Cadillac Xlr, the washer pump gets a lot of damage after some time until it stops working. Good thing you may always change it with a new pump that'll work effectively in your precious Cadillac Xlr vehicle.

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