In the event that the washer of your Cadillac Srx is not able to squirt washer fluid on your wind shield or headlight covering even if there's still some water inside the container, the trouble may have to do with the washer pump. Engineered to push the liquid on to the nozzle in the washer for spraying unto the surface of the windscreen or headlight, the Cadillac Srx washer pump may lead to water scarcity if the said part does not produce the appropriate degree of push.

When you detect a problem similar to the one described previously, inspect the washer pump to see if it is the culprit causing the condition. In case the washer pump in your Cadillac Srx is still in good state, then you may need to check similar parts similar to the pipe - it could be suffering from leaks and failing to distribute sufficient liquid. You also need to search for the possibility of clogging in your Cadillac Srx washer pump or in some other parts of the system. Nonetheless, should you find that the component is the one that's affected, you must look for similar washer pumps and choose a great component.

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