The windshield washer in your Buick Rendezvous is comprised of different devices that might stop working without notice, but the most possible culprit whenever you come across inability to squirt liquid will be a washer pump. Built to push the water toward the nozzle for application into the exterior of the windscreen or headlamp, the Buick Rendezvous washer pump may lead to fluid shortage in case it isn't able to produce the right level of force.

The washer pump is the first part to examine when troubles like this arise. In case the washer pump in your Buick Rendezvous is in fine condition, then you may wish to inspect similar pieces such as the hose - it might be leaking and failing to enable the movement of adequate water. Another possibility besides a broken Buick Rendezvous washer pump is blockage within the system, so examine the lines for likely dirt accumulation. Nonetheless, should you find that the component is the item that is defective, you have to search for alternative washer pumps and pick a superior replacement.

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