Better not go on that long journey'til you have removed your busted Audi S8 washer pump to make sure you're totally safe on the road. You'll surely have a hard time completely wiping away acidic bug splatters, road dust, and pebbles on the windshield when you insist on using a bad pump. Never worry because working on the failing pump is doable provided that you've got sufficient DIY knowledge.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most likely located at the side of the water tank, so look for it and examine its condition. It's the washer pump's job to suck the chemical from your tank into your windshield washers, so it's definitely an essential part. Like all parts of your Audi S8 automobile, the washer pump sustains significant impairment after a while until it completely stops working. Good thing you can always replace it with an aftermarket unit that will work effectively in your valued Audi S8 vehicle.

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