Your wipers are practically ineffective if you have a damaged Audi S5 washer pump, thus do not operate your vehicle until you've upgraded the unit. Your automobile's windshield may get irreparably damaged by the road particles that will fly against it during your journey. Don't worry because changing the bad pump is simple so long as you have enough DIY background.

Your factory-installed washer pump is most probably positioned on the side of the water tank, therefore, look for it and inspect its condition. This pump channels a cleaning detergent into the vehicle's washers to thoroughly clean the windshield while you're traveling. Like all components of your treasured Audi S5, the washer pump gets a lot of terrible damage over time'til it utterly gives way. Since you're replacing the pump, you may also want to replace other components like the Audi S5 solution tank and the motor.

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