In the face of rain, sleet or snow, a top-quality vent visor crafted by Gmc R3500 could be just what you‘ve been dreaming of. A vent visor is similar to a solid pair of aviator shades; it safe-guards your eyes from dust and air-borne hazards and does a swell job of making you appear cool. A premium-quality Gmc R3500 vent visor is a convenient way of keeping unwanted sand out of your hot rod while improving its over-all look.

A vent visor is a protective auto part which is affixed to the upper and front edges of your vehicle's window. You have the ability to open the window when you buy a hot, new Gmc R3500 vent visor that keeps pebbles and water splashes out of your four-wheeler. A sturdy vent visor serves not just as a shielding auto accessory but also as an image aid to your vehicle. All thanks to its many different forms, a vent visor mastered by Gmc R3500 helps upgrade the overall look of your ride.

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