A vent visor made by Dodge B250 is not merely a plank of plastic for a pimped out whip; it is actually a very practical automobile accessory. A vent visor is just like a solid pair of sports shades; it protects your retinas from dust and air-borne hazards and does a swell job of making you appear stylish. A premium-quality Dodge B250 vent visor is a simple way of keeping troublesome sand outside of your jalopy while improving its look and feel.

A vent visor is a protective component that is latched on to the upper and front ends of your car or truck window. Created to match auto windows of all kinds of auto brands, a top-quality Dodge B250 vent visor lets you crack open your windows spared from the fear of dust or precipitation going inside of the vehicle or getting into your eyes. A vent visor is commonly made out of tough material like chrome and plastic, and has numerous different tones and polishes. A vent visor crafted by Dodge B250 comes with many designs and colors to help make your four-wheeler look superbly handsome.

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