If you're going to buy a brand new replacement vent shade for your ride, then don't put it off as you're definitely making the right choice. Your Chevrolet P20 vent visor is a hip yet functional add-on that a lot of motorists attach onto their vehicles not exclusively for protection, but also for the personalized look it provides. The sleek vent visor is essentially an add-on that is designed to prevent strong winds, precipitation, and snow from entering your vehicle regardless of whether you're cruising the streets with windows opened.

Typically built using high-grade plastic/synthetic material, shades for Chevrolet P20 are available in many different colors and dimensions, yet they're all available in a very sleek look that ensures they are effortless to blend with any sort of vehicle. Not like other parts in your vehicle, vent shades are attached by simply taping to the door frame just over the windows because bolting them on can bring permanent damage onto your car.

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