A vent visor mastered by Chevrolet Metro isn't just a piece of plastic for the vain; it's actually a mega functional automobile accessory. More and more vehicles have been going with the craze of getting a vent visor and it was bound to happen. Made with a sturdy Chevrolet Metro vent visor, you'll have the ability to protect yourself and your passengers from eye-wincing debris and keep your vehicle looking sharp.

A top-notch vent visor is designed to fit various automobile window types and is a very adaptable auto part. You can open the window when you purchase a new Chevrolet Metro vent visor that keeps road debris and water splashes out of your hot rod. A vent visor is usually created with sturdy material such as chrome and acrylic, and has various colors and polishes. Thanks to its many different colors/finishes, a vent visor manufactured by Chevrolet Metro is guaranteed to upgrade the look and feel of your ride.

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