Car Vent Visors

Driving is tough during rainy days. Aside from poor tire traction because of slippery roads, rainwater that seeps into the cabin through the tops of the windows is also a nuisance. Now, if that's something that you don't want to experience while you're driving, be sure to equip your ride with an aftermarket accessory that can protect your cabin from rain and other outside elements. And for this particular function, you can employ a Vent Visor.

Usually made from a strip of hard plastic, this add-on can be easily mounted on the door frame just above the car window. Its main function is to help prevent rainwater from creeping inside the passenger compartment through the window's top edge. By doing this, rest assured that every interior component of your vehicle such as the carpet, seat covers, and even the car door panels are kept from its harmful effects. But aside from giving your cabin the protection it needs, a Car Vent Visor can also serve as a compliment to your vehicle's appearance. So once installed, your rig is definitely given that extra useful function and a boost in aesthetic value as well.

Although a Window Vent Visor can only give minimal protection, it still comes in handy when you need to temporarily roll your windows down. So in certain situations like paying for the toll fee or getting your food from a drive-through window, you can ensure that this device can keep rain away from the cabin. On top of that, if you really need to open the windows partially to get some fresh air, this component can also repel smoke and dust. That said you won't need to worry about the risks of exposing yourself to such contaminants.

Installing a Vent Visor is guaranteed fast and hassle-free even for inexperienced DIYers. It doesn't require any drilling or welding at all. As long as you've got the right component that would match your car's door frame, an automotive adhesive tape is enough to keep it secured to your vehicle. Just be sure to use a pair of scissors to properly prepare it and employ a top-notch tape that won't easily loose its stickiness. By doing this, you can rest assured that this accessory won't get easily detached by strong winds or other external factors. Thus, you can prevent it from causing harm to pedestrians and motorists alike.

Remember, whether it's to protect your cabin from rain or to save yourself from being exposed to smoke and dust, the perfect accessory that you can mount into your rig is a Vent Visor. Parts Train offers you convenient online shopping 24 hours a day. Be sure to browse our wide collection of automotive parts and accessories in our product catalog for more details.