Car Valve Stem Seals

The engine of your vehicle is built with so many smaller parts, like a valve stem seal, that you don't have time to check each and every part in it. Probably because we have no idea of what or where this part is and we only get to be familiar with it once it starts to give us the hassle in the form of lowered engine's performance. The engine of every car had been innovated to achieve higher performance-this is a continuous process which makes sure cars always become better and better.

Most of the vehicles of today are equipped with an overhead cam engine. With this and all the rest of the engines out there, cylinders, valves, guides, push rods, shafts, and many other parts, your valve stem seals included, composes basically the things that you'll find in the motors and all that.

One that we'll take into account in this page is the valve stem seal. The valves are the ones that allow the air and the fuel mixture in to the cylinder of the engine and at the same time sends exhaust out into open air. Most engine designs use poppet valves. The pressure created in the cylinders needs a durable car valve stem seal. You see, the mixture that we speak of is the one needed for the engines performance. The more fuel burnt, the more power can be made, and with dependable parts counteracting these abilities, the greater the chances of speed you are going to get.

The valve stem seal is the one that fits over the valve stem and stays over the top end of the valve guide. This seal blocks the oil and mixture from getting into the combustion engine, because obviously you don't need this mixture there. When you have a bad valve stem seal, oil would leak down the valve stem and could accumulate in the cylinder chamber. One sign that this is already happening is when you start you car, cloud of smoke appears from the exhaust then stops after a few seconds. This happens because the oil is burned off in the exhaust pipe. Leaking oil is a risky problem that should be solved immediately for this can cause more serious engine problems in the future.

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