Car Valve Cover Gasket Sets

If there's a fluid more important to your car's engine than the fuel, it has to be engine oil. Without sufficient oil, the engine is exposed to damage caused by friction. Overheating is also more likely since heat isn't taken away from moving engine parts. One thing you can do to prevent these problems is to keep your car's valve cover gasket set in good shape. The valve cover gasket acts as a sealant between the valve cover and the engine block, keeping the oil in the block and valve train.

Valve cover gaskets, however, can develop leaks. Compression from being clamped tightly between the valve cover and engine block, coupled with the heat from engine combustion, can exert too much pressure on the valve cover gasket. Over time, the gasket may give in to the pressure and develop cracks. If this happens, every time oil circulates through the valve train, some of the oil would seep out through the gasket. If let alone, the problem will persist and worsen, until you run empty on oil and your car's engine suffers irreparable damage from excessive heat and friction. Do not allow this to happen to you, so get your new valve cover gasket set as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your engine.

A car valve cover gasket set should have everything you need to solve the problem. The gaskets should be made of high-standard silicon, which is highly compressible and heat resistant. Remember, though, to keep from using any kind of adhesive on the gasket unless the set includes one. Some adhesive compounds may react with the gasket and soften it, affecting its sealing efficiency.

Make sure you tighten the bolts alternately on each side of the valve cover to spread weight evenly on the gasket. However, avoid tightening it excessively. If installed properly, your car's new valve cover gasket set should last longer than the stock one that came with your car.

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