Car Valve Cover Gaskets

One of the most encountered engine troubles or car parts related problems are oil leaks. Talk to any car owner and you will get a good idea of how common leaks are in your car. Two of the most likely reasons for oil leaks are a damaged valve cover or ruined valve cover gasket, unless it is your oil pan that is a mess, then that is another story. However, the first two reasons were the frequently replaced parts when this sort of problem arrives.

Having oil leaks can be such a hassle because you have to clean and replace parts that are vital in keeping performance level you expect. Besides, a leak could mean further damage other than the part being affected. Seeping oil is a magnet to dirt and dust, which are both corrosive elements that could cause rusting and deterioration to most engine parts. Therefore, fixing the damage as soon as possible is the wisest solution for avoiding even worse circumstances. The valve cover gasket and valve covers are used to seal in oil from the cylinders in the valve train. The valve train is important for the engine's breathing. The valve train is composed of other parts which includes the two mentioned above. The rest of the parts consist of the push rods, rocker arms, cam, valve springs, and lifters.

Every part in the engine, especially the ones in the valve train, needs oil for lubrication. So inside the cylinder, oil is being pumped up until it reaches the valve cover gasket and valve covers where it slides back down and goes to the parts needing oil, then out to the oil pan through holes in some parts where it drops to the oil pan and the distribution of the oil starts all over again from there. The valve gaskets act the same way the cork does on a bottle.

Your valve cover gaskets seal the oil in the cylinder with the valve cover as reinforcement. When one of this is damaged, oil would probably seep out then will eventually leak when things gets worse. Both mentioned part are prone to wear and tear through use and abuse. Therefore, replacement is a must when this happens. Do-it your self manuals can be found easily both in auto shops and online so you can fix this stuff on your own if you want to.

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