To have a Jeep Cherokee is a great investment. However, possessing such a good vehicle must not end there. As owner, you should be aware on its auto parts and their purpose of their existence. This is to consider that to have full knowledge or know-how on the vehicle parts is essential most especially when experiencing car trouble at the middle of the road and no available help you can get. Of course, the Jeep Cherokee is built for maximized function and reliability, but it is still prone to damage or wear and tear. As you notice, an automobile carries a lot of auto components and systems; they are very complex yet works together to achieve an efficient overall operation and performance.

It is no secret that the engine is the most important of all Jeep Cherokee parts. Just like other components, this so-called heart of the vehicle comes with a lot of parts. This includes intake valve, head, coolant, engine block, spark plug, pistons, rod bearing, exhaust valve, intake port, oil sump, oil pump, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, and many more. If you will notice the, it carries a number of valves on its assembly such as exhaust and intake valves. These valves are responsible for delivering air to the internal combustion engine assembly. They employ a valve train in order to open and close at the point of compression and combustion at the precise time making the combustion chamber sealed. Typically, the valve train comes with rocker arms, push rods, lifters, valve springs, cam, and a valve cover.

Since the valve train holds a big role to the engine operation, it requires protection against unwanted elements. The one responsible for such task is the valve cover. This stuff comes with oil that is dispersed underneath after pushed up through the push rods. As such, the rocker arms are lubricated and the holes located in various areas of the engine head are utilized for the oil circulation to return back into the engine. In that process, the valve cover needs to be oil-tighten. However, it should be noted that they should not be over tightened as it may cause leaks given the fact that these stuffs are usually made from thin sheet metals.

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