The Chevrolet Trailblazer has remained a constant top seller mid-sized SUV. Its superior engine performance that could generate everyone's dream of great speed, acceleration, torque and horsepower would surely make anyone envious. The engine is an assurance of superb performance when you buy a Trailblazer, and the heavy duty ignition system, steering system, suspension system, cooling system, braking system and exhaust system are but bonuses to complement the engine's outstanding capacity. The vehicle is a very complex structure, and the engine — the heart of any automobile — is one sophisticated system that is comprised of various components that work, move, connect, or protect to contribute to the functionality of the entire system.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer engine is made up of cylinders, intake manifold, starter, spark plug, valve cover, oil pump, crankshaft, exhaust valve, fuel tank, exhaust port, piston, connecting rod, and rod bearings are but some of the devices that together could give life to the function of the engine. Among them, the valves are the ones that move the air and fuel in and the exhaust out. Intake and exhaust valves work hand in hand to close and open the combustion chamber, depending on whether compression and combustion processes are taking place or not, respectively. Valve trains are the ones responsible for opening or closing the collection of valves. Valve trains consist of rocker arms, valve springs, push rods, lifters and an optional cam for cam engine.

Because of the vital role the valve trains play for the entire functionality of the internal combustion engine, it is secured by a mechanism called as valve cover. A Chevrolet Trailblazer valve cover creates a protective shield for the valve trains. Because you or an auto mechanic may need to access the valve trains, valve covers could be removed. With the help of screws, the valve cover is securely fastened. You just have to make sure that the screws are not too tight so as to bend the valve cover. Oil that has been pushed by the push rods in an upward direction is scattered inside the valve cover to keep the rocker arms greased to reduce the effect of friction.

Because the Chevrolet Trailblazer valve cover has holes in it to circulate the oil back to the oil pan, it must be oil tight. If you discover any signs of oil leaks, you should not waste time. Start looking for a quality replacement. The ideal place for you to look is at Parts Train. Visit our website where you could place your orders, or call one of our customer service representatives if you need any help regarding auto parts.