Car Valances

Vehicles are equipped with different parts and equipment. The sad thing is not all of its parts can claim to be as good-looking as others! Some examples of these unattractive parts are lug nuts, pipes and window regulators. As opposed to the gleaming hoods, body panels and wheels of the car, some car parts would surely pale in comparison when it comes to aesthetics. And because not everything in a vehicle is striking to the eye, vehicles employ certain parts which are tasked to conceal the other parts of a car the best way they can. The best example for these is the valance.

This valance is an auto part that has the resemblance of a body panel or maybe even part of the bumper. It is commonly mounted on the rear side of the car under the rear bumper. On some vehicles, it is located on the front area as a separate panel covering the sides and details of the car. Like your hubcaps which exist to enhance your wheels by covering those ugly lug nuts, the purpose of this part is to make a vehicle look as gorgeous as possible.

Some valances are designed to have space for installation of fog lights, some have a grille, functioning as an item that lets more air enter the compartment under the hood, providing the equipments inside more desirable temperature. Others have the characteristic of being simple, while some show off remarkable elegance. Because of these qualities, the car valance is considered as standard equipment on cars, though to some it is only an accessory or an add-on.

Valances can be purchased individually. You can just have the front driver side, front passenger side; rear LH, rear RH valance but you can have them as a combination if you want to. The great thing about customizing your ride is that everything is up to you! Even a simple valance should have the right looks that match you and your ride's personalities.

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