Car Turn Signal Assembly

Imagine how confusing driving can be when vehicles don't have signal lights. Good thing, manufacturers make sure their cars have these all-important parts installed as defaults before they're released in the market. A car's turn signal assembly ensures that vehicles behind your car know when you're about to change lanes or make a turn. So without a working turn signal setup, driving isn't only confusing; it's illegal and very dangerous, too.

The turn signals go by many names. Formally, they are known as directional indicators or directional signals. They are more commonly known as indicators, directionals, blinkers, or flashers. This turn signal assembly has four blinking lights that work in pairs. Operating the turn signals is very simple: when turning left, the left switch is pressed and the left turn signal lamps will blink. Likewise, the right switch should be pushed when turning right. Both switches are on either sides of the steering column. On more modern rides, however, they're on the driver's side of the dashboard.

There are several types of blinkers. An example of a car turn signal assembly is the amber one. Amber turn signals previously used lamps made from toxic cadmium glasses. Because of this, they are no longer used and were replaced by pure amber glass. These proved very costly, though, so amber bulbs are now just made of clear glasses coated with amber. While less expensive, they are not as durable. Prolonged exposure to harmful elements like heat, cold, and moisture causes the coating of the bulb glass to flake off. Plus, debris that gets thrown off by the wheels can also hit the turn signals and crack or break them. When this happens, replacing them immediately is a must.

Using your turn signals isn't just a safety precaution; it's a strictly implemented law. It's illegal to drive with broken turn signals, or to make a turn or change lanes without using them. You can use arm signals, but why go through the hassle of having to stick out an arm whenever you intend to turn or change lanes? You just need to use properly working turn signal assemblies to avoid getting involved in accidents or getting pulled over by the police.

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