Better postpone that road trip until you've uninstalled your bad Gmc Sonoma transfer case switch. It's very likely that you'll be deprived of your 4WD or 2WD feature once the switch finally gives way. Just imagine having to go on 2WD mode on an extremely bumpy off-road route. So before the Gmc Sonoma switch totally fails, substitute it with an all-new switch immediately.

Paying an auto mechanic to sort out of your Gmc Sonoma's transfer case switch could cost a lot, so it's probably wise to do the job alone. Don't worry as you can certainly obtain a suitable switch for your particular Gmc Sonoma and model with the diverse range of options in the marketplace nowadays. Don't ever drive on difficult terrains with your busted stock electrical switch otherwise you end up paying huge auto repair fees. It'd be wise to run on smoother roads and ride your Gmc Sonoma as infrequently as possible to prevent additional damage.

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